The manager

The manager

A warm welcome to all guests and all those who visit the site of St. John Villa.

My name is Vincenzo Sangiorgio and I am the owner of St. John Villa that I manage in collaboration with a young and motivated staff since October 2013 after having detected by previous operators who had started in 2012.

My job , until that date , was completely different. I am in fact a chemical engineer who, for thirty years, has worked in oil refineries and petrochemical plants , first in Italy , then in Europe and even in some place outside Europe.

And in addition to travel for work I have traveled extensively for pleasure.

I've been in places known to all travelers, Paris, London, Prague, New York, Istanbul, Moscow, for example, and even in places "improbable" and with difficult  as little Shymkent, Mazeikiai, Kirikkale, Turkmenbashi, Novopolotsk, Nizhekamsk .

I passed for over 100 airports and I have stayed in hundreds of hotels, beautiful and less beautiful. In all of these hotels I lived as a visitor, I behaved like a guest often anonymous, sometimes pleasant, others unpleasant.

Now I put myself on the other side of the desk trying to think of how I was treated me, what I liked and what I did not like, taking advantage of these experiences to offer my guests the best of what I have gathered in my travel. And I am also trying to transfer this experience to the younger people who work with me so that they make a treasure for their future life.