Useful tips

Useful tips

As a traveler I have experienced several "difficult" situations . To smile a bit her 's a sampling of some of them and some " helpful " suggestions for dealing with them.

What do you do when you arrive at the hotel at 2 am and, for a series of mistakes, your travel agent has canceled the booking for your room and that room has already been sold?

  • Deny flatly that you have never cleared the room (technically it is true, it was the agency to do it, not you), then show the "killer istinct " into your eyes implying that in your luggage you bring a sample of weapons of mass destruction and that you are completely ready to use them. You can be sure that you will be offered the presidential suite at the same price of the economy room that you had booked.

How do you do when you show up at a hotel that there has never sent confirmation of your booking and is fully booked ?

  • Show the sheet with your booking request carefully covering with your thumb  the inscription " To be confirmed " and threaten to claim damages millionaires if not you will be given your room. Then lock yourself carefully in the room that you will be assigned , and wait to hear the cries of the poor man who , despite having received confirmation of the room, will be forced to spend the night on the couch when he finds out that his room was occupied by someone else (you).

How do you do when, by mistake, you have  booked  for and arrival one day before of the actual check-in and, when paying the bill, you see that hotel is charging the "no -show" of the previous day?

  • Assume the look of an innocent angel and establish with absolute certainty that you certainly cannot have made such a mistake, but rather it has been a transcription error made by the reservation office.

How to do when, as inveterate smokers , you have smoked in a "no- smoking"  room and, when paying the bill, you are charged with the "cost of decontamination"?

  • In this case it is necessary to start forearmed . Use your computer and your printer to prepare a card that will indicate you are a " Founding Member of the Anti- Tobacco League ." Show this badge to the hotel desk and perjury that surely someone else broke into your room to smoke and, in fact, you wanted to to protest the horrible smell of smoke you found in the room.

What if the cost of your room includes continental breakfast and, on the other end,  you took everything that was offered by the American breakfast buffet?

  • Don’t do anything, it is very likely that the waiter did not even notice. Your stomach instead noticed it , Very well indeed.

What to do if you lose your return flight to home?

  • Phone call to the hotel, get a room and enjoy a nice dinner and a nice evening with no other thoughts.